The return of Sex & The City…a yay or nay?

By Erin Culley

We have all heard of the return of Sex and the City - or should we just say ‘the city’? Seen as the ‘sex’ which is THE Samantha Jones will not be returning. I am interested to see how the friendship dynamic will work as a trio.

As well as the friendships what about the relationships? What else can they throw at Carrie and Big - haven’t they been through enough!

We can’t talk about SATC without talking about the FASHION - in particular Carrie Bradshaw. I know we will all remember certain looks but I have two that instantly come to mind.

The first is that adorable tutu, ballerina style dress! Who else pictures the opening credits with the tune playing and seeing Carrie’s angelic face in that dress until the taxi splashes her with a puddle? Just me? Well I think we can all agree that everyone wanted that in their wardrobe.

Secondly my mind is drawn to another distinct and memorable CB look but for me not necessarily for the right has to be the newspaper dress. Now I am no fashionista and anyone reading this is probably shouting at their screens but I just couldn’t find the positives - probably because when I imagine it on myself I would look like a giant fish supper. They did revive the dress again in the movie and although I preferred Carrie’s darker locks I still couldn’t find the love.

Click on the article below to see Carrie Bradshaw’s 20 most iconic outfits

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